The Best of the Cooking Lounge

Hello, my name is Teri, I am a Culinarian who has been creating recipes and writing Cookbooks as my passion for almost 50 years.

I started cooking with my Grandmother in her kitchen as a little girl under her apron, preparing meals for family holiday events and creating recipes together. She studied the Culinary Arts in the early 1900’s and was a most extraordinary woman who filled my heart with inspiration and gave me my love for cooking.

In my youth I was an Author, Model, Professional Musician and Entertainer. By my early 40’s I was a working Mom with a family, completely discouraged looking at my wrinkled and sun damaged aging skin. I began researching the nutrition in my recipes, specifically for anti-aging and skin care ingredients. Revising many classic recipes using ingredients packed with nutrients that added many health benefits I share with you.

Throughout my life I have produced hundreds of recipes. I am known for writing Cookbooks, entertaining on the holidays for my family and friends, cooking and catering for major events, catering private and corporate parties. It is my passion to put my recipes into collections to share with you in your home making foods that your loved ones, working crew, and you will enjoy!

While on tour I cooked for the band every gig, rehearsals and recordings. They loved my cooking so much I was soon giving my recipes to their families, so they could enjoy making my meals after the tours ended.

Cooking for my family was most rewarding… that included cooking for the animals (dogs and horses).  I loved to create whatever their taste-buds were craving after a long day at work. Restaurant meals can be very glamorous and certainly enjoyed, but there’s nothing like Mom’s one of a kind homemade recipes and a home cooked meal.

My Contractors Cookbook is close to my heart, with family members in the Construction and Restoration Construction businesses, who’s hardworking appetites were only satisfied by Homemade Comfort Foods. So, I created all the comfort food classics they loved and put them in my Contractor collection of amazing classic recipes. I encourage anyone who has a hungry hardworking person, tribe or crew to feed, satisfy their taste buds with recipes from my Contractor Cookbook!!

In my “Keeping it Sexy at 60” Cookbook, I share my personal journey and all my recipes that helped me to reverse my aging skin. I also share the Med Spa skincare products that really do work and where to purchase them for less. This Cookbook is great for anyone who is looking to improve their skin and overall health, with recipes full of nutrition that taste incredible!

My Holiday Cookbook has all the Traditional Classic Holiday Meals for every Holiday all year-round. Share beverages, appetizers, meals and dessert recipes of the Holiday traditions with your family and friends and spruce up your Holiday tables!

My personal philosophy is that creating recipes and cooking them for someone you care about is love… The foods we make for our loved ones are filled with our love for them and they can taste it! So put some of your favorite music on in the background and enjoy your cooking!!

With much love from my kitchen to yours,
The Cooking Lounge… Teri